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Apa kabar BBIO lovers? 

Amin, semoga semua dalam keadaan sehat selalu.
Tidak terasa hari ini adalah lebaran Idul Fitri hari ke 3. Saya ingin mengucapkan minal aidin wal faizin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin.
Semoga semua amal ibadah yang kita lakukan selama bulan Ramadhan tahun ini diterima oleh Allah SWT. Amin.

BBIO lovers pada mudik? Kalau pulang kampung hati-hati di jalan ya. :)
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Reading 36

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reading exercise: 36
 The temperature of the Sun is over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit at the surface. but it rises to perhaps more than 16 million degrees at the center. The Sun is so much hotter than the Earth that matter can exist only as a gas, except at the core. In the core of the Sun, the pressures are so great against the gases that, despite the high temperature. there may be a small solid
core. However, no one really knows, since the center of the Sun can never be directly observed.
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Reading 35

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reading practice  35
  Having no language, infants cannot be told what they need to learn. Yet by the age of three they will have mastered the basic structure of their native language and will be well on their way to communicative competence. Acquiring their language is a most impressive intellectual feat. Students of how children learn language generally agree that the most remarkable aspect of this feat is the rapid acquisition of grammar. Nevertheless, the ability of children to conform to grammatical rules is only slightly more wonderful than their ability to learn words. It has been reckoned that the average high school graduate in the United States has a reading vocabulary of 80. 000 words, which includes idiomatic expressions and proper names of people and places. This vocabulary must have been learned over a period of 16 years. From the figures, it can be calculated that the average child learns at a rate of about 13 new words per day. Clearly a learning process of great complexity goes on at a rapid rate in children.
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Menigkatkan Kemampuan Bahasa Inggris Melalui Writing

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mamfaat english writing untuk meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa inggris

Kegiatan writing (menulis) merupakan salah satu dari empat skill (kemampuan) bahasa inggris yang perlu anda kuasai. Mengenai urutan belajar bahasa inggris yang benar, diantara keempat skill tersebut yang mana pertama kali yang harus dipelajari maka menurut para ahli bahasa listening menjadi priorotas utama. Jika listening anda sudah cukup mapan maka secara otomatis anda akan berusaha untuk berbicara (speaking), reading (membaca), kemudian barulah writing (menulis).

Mungkin anda berpikir bahwa urutan di atas tidak sesuai dengan proses belajar kita selama ini, karena pada umumnya kita belajar bahasa inggris pertama kali melalui writing atau reading. Ya, seperti yang saya alami juga Tips belajar bahasa inggris.Tapi setelah sekian lama belajar bahasa inggris saya mulai menyadari dan merasakan bahwa urutan belajar di atas memang benar juga.
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Reading 34

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reading 33 new
Botany, the study of plants, occupies a peculiar position in the history of human knowledge. For many thousands of years it was the one field of awareness about which humans had anything more than the vaguest of insights. It is impossible to know today just what our Stone Age ancestors knew about plants, but from what we can observe of pre-industrial societies that still exist, a detailed learning of plants and their properties must be extremely ancient. This is logical. Plants are the basis of the food pyramid for all living things, even for other plants. They have always been enormously important to the welfare of peoples, not only for food, but also for clothing, weapons, tools, dyes: medicines, shelter, and a great many other purposes. Tribes living today in the jungles of the Amazon recognize literally hundreds of plants and know many properties of each. To them botany, as such, has no name and is probably not even recognized as a special branch of "Knowledge at all.
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