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Jenis-jenis Paragraph

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Ada banyak jenis-jenis paragraph. Berikut ini beberapa jenis paragraph yang dilihat dari isinya atau tujuan paragraph itu:

Paragraph narasi
adalah paragraf yang bertujuan untuk menceritakan suaut peristiwa atau kejadian sehingga pembaca seolah - olah mengalami sendiri kejadian itu.

Money causes teenagers to feel stress. It makes them feel bad about themselves and envy other people. My friend, for instance, lives with her family and has to share a room with her sister, who is very cute and intelligent. This girl wishes she could have her own room and have a lot of stuff, but she can’t have these things because her family doesn’t have much money. Her family’s income is pretty low because her father is old and doesn’t go to work. Her sister is the only one who works. Because her family can’t buy her the things she wants, she feels a lot of stress and gets angry sometimes. Once, she wanted a beautiful dress to wear to a sweetheart dance. She asked her sister for some money to buy the dress. She was disappointed because her sister didn’t have money to give her. She sat in silence for a little while and then started yelling out loud. She said her friends got anything they wanted but she didn’t. Then she felt sorry for herself and asked why she was born into a poor family. Not having money has caused this girl to think negatively about herself and her family. It has caused a lot of stress in her life. 

Paragraph  deskripsi
adalah paragraf yang bertujuan menggambarkan sebuah objek nyata agar pembaca merasa seolah-olah melihat sendiri objek yang digambarkan itu.

Most students like the freedom they have in college. Usually college students live on their own, in the dormitory or in an apartment. This means they are free to come and go as they like. Their parents can’t tell them when to get up, when to go to school, and when to come home. It also means that they are free to wear what they want. There are no parents to comment about their hair styles or their dirty jeans. Finally, they are free to listen to their favorite music without interference from parents.

Paragraph eksposisi
adalah paragraf yang bertujuan memaparkan sejumlah informasi atau pengetahuan dengan tujuan pembaca dapat mendapat tambahan informasi atau pengetahuan sejelas – jelasnya

A disease that causes chronic gastrological disorders, IBD, is envisioned in a spectrum of severities. Cats can vomit heavily, and suffer from continuous diarrhea. Reasons for the disease are yet unknown. Bacterial infections, gastrological irritation, lack of vitamins are often quoted as factors contributing to the development of the disease. Veterinarians, treating IBD in cats, usually prescribe medicine and advice on the dietary management as well as make surgical choices. If untreated, IBD, can be fatal for cats. Research - conducted mostly by pet owners - shows that a cat’s diet can be critical. Further research will include inspection of several vaccines. So far, grain-free, raw meat diet has already proved to be largely beneficial.

Paragraph argumentasi
adalah paragraf yang bertujuan untuk mengemukakan alasan, contoh, dan bukti - bukti yang kuat dan meyakinkan dengan tujun meyakinkan pembaca sehingga pembaca membenarkan pendapat, sikap, dan keyakinan kita.

I am against smoking Marijuana because it causes paranoia, laziness, and lung cancer. I first believe that people should not smoke Marijuana because reaching a state of paranoia can cause a person to act irrational, which can lead to a huge mistake and regret.  For example, one day my friend smoked some weed, and he started complaining about his heart racing, and he was sweating excessively. Out of panic, he ran down the street crying, and the cops arrested him.  Second, Marijuana causes laziness, which prevents people from living up to their potential.  For instance, I watched a movie about a guy who smoked marijuana regularly. He became so lazy that he failed out of school, and he was also fired from his job because he always called in sick when he was really stoned and lazy. I am finally against smoking marijuana because it causes lung cancer, which shortens the life of a person.  An example of a shortened life due to marijuana is my neighbor who smoked weed every day. At the age of forty-five, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. If he did not smoke marijuana everyday, then he probably would have lived a lot longer and raised his family. In conclusion, marijuana may make some people feel good, but the long term affects for such a short period of pleasure can be devastating; therefore, I am fully against the smoking of this drug.

Paragraph persuasi
adalah paragraf yang bertujuan untuk membujuk atau merayu pembaca sehingga pembaca tergiur atau terpengaruh untuk mengikuti keinginan penulis.

As a senior at Bina Bangsa High School, I’ve noticed that the greatest problem facing public schools is large class size. For the past three years, certain circumstances have allowed me to attend smaller classes in English and history. Now the pilot program is over, and I am once again enrolled in regular-size classes. Comparing the former experience with my current situation, in which my English class is comprised of more than 40 students, the advantages of smaller classes become readily apparent. In my current English class, effective teaching and learning have been sacrificed to the administrative advantage of fewer classes holding greater numbers of students. Although in terms of test scores the class has been deemed successful, student participation in such a large class is limited to a select few; individual conferences with the teacher are hard to get due to the sheer number of students; and papers take weeks to get graded. In smaller classes, however, it has been my experience that all students participate, classes are more focused and on task, and the teacher develops a closer relationship to the students. These factors allow students to learn and develop their abilities. They also allow teachers to effectively critique their students' work. Moreover, in small classes, students can develop working relationships with one another—a camaraderie nonexistent in larger classes. If the public school system were to cut class size in half, to approximately 15 to 20 students each, the benefits would manifest themselves immediately. If we wish to improve the level of education in public schools today, we must reduce class size.

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