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Membuat Paragraph Argumentasi

Efendi jbi | June 20, 2012 |
Argumentasi berasal dari kata argumen yang berarti alasan. Paragraf argumentasi adalah paragraf yang di dalamnya berisi tentang ide, pendapat, dan gagasan sang penulis. Untuk memperkuat ide dan gagasannya, maka penulis harus menyertakan bukti dan data-data pendukung dalam paragraf argumentasi tersebut. Penyajian bukti dan data-data pendukung tersebut bertujuan untuk membuktikan kebenaran pendapat penulis agar pembaca menyetujui kebenaran tulisan tersebut.

1. Membuat topik terlebih dahulu
2. Menetapkan tujuan karangan
3. Melakukan observasi lapangan
4. Membuat kerangka karangan
5. Mengembangkan kerangka karangan
6. Membuat kesimpulan

Beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan dalam menulis paragraph argumentasi:

1. berpikir positif, kritis, dan logis;
2. mampu mencari, mengumpulkan, memilihfakta yang sesuaidengan tujuan, serta mampu merangkaikanuntuk membuktikankeyakinan atau pendapat;
3. menjauhkan emosi dan unsur subjektivitas;
4. mampu menggunakan bahasa secara baikdan benar, efektif,dan tidak menimbulkan penafsiran ganda(ambigu).


       Every pet owner knows that there are enormous responsibilities that go along with having a cat or dog. You must feed and exercise your pet, to keep it physically healthy; you must play with it, and keep it emotionally healthy too. You have to keep it safe from cars, people, or other animals, and you ought to protect other people, property, or pets from your own animal. There’s another responsibility that not all pet owners think about, however: spaying or neutering, or “fixing.” What does “fixing” you pet mean? Simply put, it means taking your pet to the vet for a quick, cheap surgery that will prevent your pet from ever becoming a mother or father. This surgery solves problems that pet owners know about, and some that they might not have considered before. In fact, I believe that all pet owners should be required to have their pets fixed.
       Everybody loves a cute new puppy or kitten. But those cute babies soon get bigger, and right now, there simply aren’t enough homes for them all. Some unwanted animals go to shelters, or “dog pounds.” These shelters are like prisons for animals, but with one important difference: many of the prisoners will never get out. Shelters have limited funds and limited space, and they cannot keep all the animals they collect. If a cat or dog is not adopted within a certain time period, that animal is killed. On the other hand, not all unwanted animals go to a shelter. What happens to a homeless animal left out on the street? Remember, our pets are exactly that - pets. They aren’t wild animals. They cannot find fresh water or hunt their own food (especially in a city). They cannot understand traffic laws, so they often get struck by cars. They are susceptible to common illnesses - illnesses that they can then spread to other animals, including pets. They are not tame, so they may attack other animals or people. In either case, the life of most unwanted animals is not long, but it is full of misery and pain, and it’s also a life that’s dangerous to pets (or people) who they meet. By not “fixing” your own animal, you will almost certainly be adding to this problem.
       Another thing to consider is the health of your pet itself. Animals, especially pets who eat processed foods just like we do, are prone to the same illnesses as we are, like heart disease and cancer. An animal who has been spayed or neutered is at less risk from certain kinds of cancer. Furthermore, animals who are not fixed can sometimes go crazy trying to find mates. They can injure themselves trying to escape from their homes, or they may fight with other animals when they have escaped. Of course, while running free, they are in danger from cars. And finally, for females who become mothers, we must remember that giving birth is not a safe process. For the ordinary pet owner, all these reasons should be strong enough to convince them to “fix” their dear pet.

       Of course, some people will not agree with me. “I don’t want to give my animal an unnecessary surgery,” they will say. “Surgery is risky, too, and it’s certainly expensive.” That idea shows ignorance. Spaying or neutering should be done as soon as you get your pet - when he or she is young and healthy - and it is almost 100% safe. Your animal is in much more danger if not fixed, for the urge to run away from home will put your pet in extremely dangerous situations. And almost all cities have a fund to help pay for the surgery. Just ask at your vet or the local S.P.C.A. (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). The cost can be as low as $10.

       Others might feel that this surgery will change their pet’s personality. They might think that a “fixed” dog might not be a good watchdog, for example. Or they may simply say “I like my pet the way he/she is.” This shows a basic misunderstanding of what the effects of spaying or neutering are. Your pet’s personality, like a human’s personality, is his or her own, and it won’t change after “fixing”. However, it’s true that some behaviors will change. Your pet won’t want to “mark” with urine as much, for example, and females won’t “go into heat” and tear up the house every few months. Your watchdog will still be a good watchdog, but probably won’t want to fight with other dogs as much. This simple surgery solves many behavior problems that can make an otherwise loveable pet into a monster. The best solution is simply to get your pet “fixed” as soon as you get it home, as young as possible. That way, fewer bad habits will form.

       No matter how you look at it, there’s really no valid reason not to spay or neuter your pet. Whether you consider the potential suffering of unborn animals, the health and comfort of your own pet, or your own convenience as a pet owner, you must agree that the facts all show that spaying or neutering is the way to go. It’s not only the convenient choice, but also the morally right choice, and one that all pet owners should make.
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